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The site is an offer of Flying Eze. It is aimed primarily at people who are interested in medical topics. In that regard, information on medical topics / backgrounds, etc. provided or edited editorially. In addition, user comment will be set up to exchange experiences and opinions between users. The information provided on these pages can under no circumstances replace a professional medical examination / diagnosis / treatment. In case of doubt, a suitable doctor should always be consulted. All information is expressly not intended for the creation of own diagnoses. Accordingly, the information provided by MHLT will in no case serve to To start, modify or end treatments on their own. Medical treatments as well as case-by-case assessments are reserved for (dental) physicians only. On the corresponding Disclaimer is additionally referenced.

Incidentally, MHLT provides access to the Internet portal within the framework of the foreseeable requirements, in accordance with the usual technical standard. The user is aware that it is not possible according to the state of the art to create a programming completely free of errors. There is no (legal) claim to this. For technical reasons (network interruption, power failure, need for updates of technical and content nature, etc.) MHLT is also not obliged to keep the website permanently accessible. Finally, MHLT is entitled at any time to interrupt or terminate the service in whole or in part.


The use of this site is free for the user. Incidentally, other (payment) claims of MHLT (for example claims for damages) may only be offset against claims that are undisputed and / or legally established by Flying Eze.


MHLT researches and reviews all published articles on this website with the utmost care and the highest quality standards. Nevertheless, any liability of MHLT for material or immaterial nature caused by the use of the information provided or by the use of incorrect, outdated and incomplete information is excluded. The information presented on this website is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as a substitute for professional advice or treatment by trained and recognized physicians. The content of these Internet pages can not and should not be used to independently diagnose or begin treatments.

By using this website, no contractual relationship, and in particular no consulting agreement between you and MHLT is concluded. The editorial office assumes no liability for unsolicited manuscripts, photos and illustrations. The content provided to MHLT by cooperation partners is their own responsibility. MHLT expressly reserves the right to change, supplement or delete parts of the pages or the entire offer without prior notice, or to discontinue publication temporarily or permanently.

The contents of this website are protected by copyright. Duplication, storage and reprinting are only permitted with the express, written permission of MHLT. MHLT assumes no liability for the content of external links; for contents of the linked sides only their operators are responsible. At the time of linking, no illegal content was visible on the corresponding pages. MHLT has no control over the current and future design, content or authorship of the linked sites. MHLT dissociates itself hereby expressly from all contents of all linked sides, which were changed after the placing of the links.

Obligations / rights of the user

It is forbidden for the users to post contributions of any kind in a user forum, if and insofar as legally inadmissible statements, in particular those offensive, derogatory or racist nature, or other legally prohibited content are included. The user may not fake a foreign identity or post at the instigation of third parties. The use of user forums for advertising purposes is prohibited. The user is further prohibited from making untrue and / or defamatory statements of fact. Due to possible copyright infringements, the insertion of foreign texts is also prohibited. Here it is recommended to quote the texts as foreign texts or to include the link with the relevant content in the comment.

Only objective statements are permitted. If there are indications of infringements, MHLT is entitled to exclude the user concerned from the use of the portal and to delete the relevant contributions, taking into account their legitimate interests. MHLT continues to be entitled to delete posts with inappropriate content at any time. If MHLT is claimed by a third party in court or out of court for any unlawful user contribution, the User shall notify MHLT upon first written request of existing third party liabilities and liabilities that MHLT may be required to provide due legal defense ( Court and attorney’s fees) arise, indemnify, as far as the underlying claim is not considered to be manifestly abusive. The user is liable for damages incurred by MHLT in such cases.

Grant of rights of use

The user grants MHLT a simple, unlimited and free right to use the contribution within the framework of the forum, this right of use remains even after leaving the user and for contributions within the meaning of NO 2 Abs. 2 UrhG. 
The usage activities of the users are logged and saved for technical purposes, see details in the privacy statement . In case of suspected misuse, this data will be evaluated. As part of preliminary investigations, MHLT is required to disclose the data to the investigating authority.

The user is obliged to store any access data (username, password) assigned to him carefully and like valuables against unauthorized access by third parties. The user has to change his password at regular intervals. The user may only enter his personal access data directly via the official website of Finally, the user is obliged to protect his computer by technical measures against system damage and data loss. For this purpose, the user is advised to use an up-to-date antivirus, antispyware and / or firewall software as well as perform regular backups.

Data protection

For the portal apply via the following link accessible / retrievable privacy policy: Privacy .


MHLT reserves the right to change these Terms of Use at any time without notice. In the context of the provision of services permanently owed to a user, the changed conditions are communicated to the user by highlighting the changes by e-mail no later than four weeks before their intended entry into force. If the user does not object to the changes within four weeks of receipt of the e-mail, his consent to the changes shall be deemed granted. The user is separately informed about the right to object and the legal consequences of the silence in the e-mail containing the changed conditions. The law of the Federal Republic of Germany applies. If parts or individual formulations of these conditions do not comply with the applicable law, no longer or not completely comply, the remaining parts of the above regulations remain unaffected in their content and validity. The ineffective clause is replaced by a clause that comes closest to the one originally intended, but is effective

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