As you know, 2020 is the year of the rat age according to the Eastern concept, today I will be short for you lucky color 2020 year of the rat.

How to see the color matching with age

In the Five Elements principle, the environment consists of 5 elements: steel, wood, water, earth, and fire. Besides, each element will have its own unique colors. The color of the five elements of feng shui has been applied in today’s architecture.
The viewing and selection of colors for the age of buying a car, decorating a home or choosing a color based on par. From there will help you have an ideal balance. Each different destiny will correspond to each of the main colors along with the color of birth and color and the main color. And homeowners can see destiny according to the year of birth to know what fate they belong to.

Stell element

In feng shui, steel means metal including white and iridescent colors. If you are destiny, then you should use light tones and iridescent colors. Because white is considered to be the possession color of destiny. At the same time, you can also combine with yellow and brown tones because these are very fertile colors.
The above colors will always bring good luck and convenience for homeowners. In spite of this, homeowners should be careful not to use taboo colors such as red, pink and purple. Helping homeowners can avoid things that are not good for themselves.

Wood element

Wood element are green. If you are a member of the woods you should use blue tones and combine them with dark blue and black tones. The goal is to increase your luck because the black water of wood is very good.

At the same time, homeowners should avoid using tones such as white and iridescent colors. The reason is that white platinum is carved in wood so it will be detrimental to you.
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Water element

Water element: dark blue, black. The water destiny should use dark and dark blue tones. In addition, you should combine with white tones and iridescent colors (White platinum). Homeowners should avoid using taboo colors such as yellow soil, brown (Water Carved Earth).

Fire element

The fire element includes red and purple. You belong to the fire parade, so you should use cardboard like pink , red, purple. And besides, homeowners should also combine with green to be good for the destiny because black water born Fire.

Earth element

Earth element consists of yellow, orange and brown. If you belong to the earth, you should use tones like earthy yellow or brown. And also you can use it in combination with pink, red, purple. These colors correspond to your destiny so it will be very good. Besides homeowners should avoid using taboo color gamut with their destiny as blue
In case you want to buy a car, a costume, an interior decoration, etc. In addition to relying on hobbies and styles, is it necessary to see the color of the car with feng shui according to your age? That helps homeowners enhance the luck factor, advantage in work and life.

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